Kozynap mattress is really very good. The medium firmness is just perfect for me. I am relieved from my back pain in just couple of weeks after I started using this mattress. I recommend these Mattress to all my frineds and relatives

Birinder Singh Dhanjal, Industrialist

I am using AC Comforters and Pillows of Kozynap. Both are really good. Pillows have a very good bounce and give complete support to head and neck. Comforters are very soft and can be washed easily

Harmeet Singh Sethi, Real Estate Developer

I had chronic pain for last couple of years, which I now realise was mainly due to usage of improper mattress. After switching over to Kozynap memory foam and HD foam mattress, I really feel relieved from my pain. I really wonder, how and why, I missed out this simple thought of chinging the mattress earlier….. Could have saved myslef from that pain earlier

Biswadeep Das, Investment Professional

Kozynap products are great value for Money. I bought a complet bedding set for gifting to my cousin on his marriage. He is very happy with the comfort and so am I … for getting the appropriate gift within my budget.

Tanwir Alam, CEO Fincart

Before buying a mattress, I was in dilemma, which tyoe of mattress to go for : softer one or firm one. However, Kozynap representative advised me to go for middle path and I bough Kozynap Ortho Premium mattress. Really happy my purchase.

Dr Ratan Das, Cardiology Surgeon

I had acute lower back pain and was advised by my doctor to switch to a firm mattress. I chose Kozynap Spincare mattress as advised by a firend of mne. It is really good and support by back very well.

Arijit De, Marketing Professional